The Top Five Electrical Repairs Required in Offices

Posted on: 31 March 2020

Office managers and facilities managers who are responsible for office spaces need to have reliable and accredited electricians they can rely on. Unlike domestic electrical repairs, those conducted in commercial premises sometimes need to be carried out without taking all of the power down. This is because offices need to remain at least partially functioning while a repair is conducted. Of course, in such situations, the safety of all is paramount. Nevertheless, skilled electrical engineers will often be able to conduct repair work while only part of the wiring system is disconnected. What are the main electrical repairs that take place in Australian offices?

Tripping Circuits

When a circuit breaker trips, it can be a nuisance because it can lead to many unwanted effects in the workplace. People may lose work they have been conducting on their computer. Large photocopying jobs may be lost or interrupted partway through, leading to unnecessary disruption. When this keeps happening because of an unresolved problem, this issue will be much worse. Therefore, effecting a swift electrical repair that finds the source of the fault becomes all the more crucial.

Flickering Lights

This is a genuine problem in many offices. When workers cannot focus properly on their work due to faulty light fittings, they will often see a drop in productivity. What's worse, you could even be sued by employees because of problems they get with their eyes as a result of flickering lights.

Dead Power Outlets

When a power outlet is down, your office will not be as flexible. This can create dead spots in certain workstations which don't have enough power outlets for the number of devices needed for modern work. It is a particular problem if your office is a flexible one in which people can work at any workstation they choose.

Overheating Equipment

This is a serious issue which is, unfortunately, fairly common in offices. When electrical installations overheat, they should be designed to melt rather than catch fire but this does not mean an electrical repair should not be conducted immediately. Leaving it can lead to a much more serious problem.

Grounding Problems

When there are devices plugged into an office's electrical system that are not grounded properly, sparks can fly. This issue is sometimes mixed up with a short circuit, but the problem is not the same. Sometimes grounding problems are not immediately obvious, so frequent inspections are always advisable to establish whether an electrical repair to the system's grounding is needed or not.