How AGVs Benefits From Using Servo Motors

Posted on: 2 April 2020

Servo radio systems have been in the market for a long time. Though they are tiny, these radio motors are energy-efficient. The primary function of the servo is to convert electrical commands into physical movement. The features of servo radio systems make them suitable for use in toy cars and robots. These servo motors can also operate automated guided vehicles. These AGVs are used in various industries, such as healthcare and warehousing. The increased use of AGVs in multiple sectors means that it is critical to find the right servo drives for them. That brings out the many benefits that come with using servo radio systems in AGVs. 


AGVs today are used for more than moving boxes from one area to another on a straight path. These machines carry heavy loads on long and uneven trails. Servo systems offer accurate control of their closed-loop. Thus, the AGVs can move on a specific path along any axis. Servo radio systems also have feedback sensors. These help to change the position of the wheel and the speed depending on the trail the AGV is moving. These motors can also detect any forces that are obstructing the movement of the vehicle. They then make adjustments to compensate for these hindrances.


Servo motors can also meet the power requirements needed in moving most of the AGV loads. The AGVs used today can move heavy loads of more than five tonnes. When servo systems work under the high currency, they can manage to handle these massive loads. The servo radio systems today are made using efficient parts. Thus, they do not overheat when transmitting high amounts of power. The steady current, together with the servo's precision, allows the smooth handling of these weighty loads. 

Easy To Install

Servo drives have a modular design that makes it easy to install into AGVs. They offer a quick plug and play access. Programming these vehicles for smooth operation and building a conveyor system could take months. With the servo drives, the process is complete within no time. You only need to hook up the servo radio system on the vehicle and start using it. That also makes it easy to do the necessary maintenance and repairs of the AGVs. 


Servo radio systems used in automated guided vehicles offer many benefits for many industries. Their design is flexible, and they prove to be highly efficient. The trick is to find the ideal servo motor to use. The servo system you install depends on how you are planning to use the AGV in your company. An expert can help you find the most suitable servo controller to use.