Common Questions Asked About Solar Power Answered Once And For All

Posted on: 22 April 2020

Solar power is one of the most important innovations in the energy industry of the last 100 years. Not only did solar power begin the transition to green energy from non-renewables, but it also allowed people to directly lower their electricity costs by installing panels at home. Still, many people still have burning questions about how solar power could help them in their particular situation, and it is essential that these concerns are addressed. If you are considering buying solar panels, then you probably have a few of the following questions, so here are some easy-to-understand answers.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

The most common question about solar power is generally some variation on just how many panels a particular family home might need to cover all their requirements. This answer will always have a broad range, as no two households are the same, but you can get a rough estimate by looking at your previous electricity bills. Figure out what your total kilowatt-hours are per year. This is the number you need to meet with your solar power production. A good output per solar panel is 250 watts, which means that about 25-40 solar panels would cover 99.9% of all households. Aim for somewhere in that range, and you will go a long way to reducing your power bill.

If Your Roof Is Covered In Shade, Can You Still Get Solar Panels?

There are many ways you can combat a shady roof, and it certainly does not mean you can't have solar panels. For starters, many solar power companies will offer to trim or remove trees that overhang your roof or put you in touch with someone who can. As a last resort, you can also install solar panels on the ground, which allows you to position them perfectly so that you get the maximum amount of sunlight. For those with large properties, installing solar panels on the ground is a great way to supplement the panels on your roof. 

Is There Still A Government Discount?

Yes, there is still a government rebate on solar panels. The Australian government has recognised that solar panels are an essential way to combat climate change and are therefore encouraging everyone who can to get them by offering steep discounts on installation costs. Most houses will save several thousand dollars on a robust solar power system, which can cut the price nearly in half (or even more than that in some cases). In addition to that, many states offer zero-interest loans for you to purchase solar power panels and accessories with.