3 Aspects For Homeowners To Consider When Upgrading Electrical Switchboards

Posted on: 24 April 2020

An electrical switchboard is a vital electrical component in a home for many reasons. The switchboard directs electricity from the main power supply to various points around a home. In a nutshell, a switchboard is the nerve centre of a home's electrical system. Modern switchboards protect a home's electrical appliances from damage due to power fluctuations. Besides, the device has features such as surge protectors, safety switches, and quick activation circuit breakers that safeguard against fatal accidents. Therefore, a switchboard upgrade is necessary for old homes. Read below to find out more about electrical switchboard upgrades.

Safety Features

Modern electrical switchboards offer a host of benefits over their older counterparts. For instance, modern switchboards have safety switches also known as the residual-current device (RCD). RCD breaks an electric circuit to prevent electrical shocks or damage to property as a result of power surges. Besides an RCD, electricians recommend that a home electrical circuit be fitted with a safety switch. The switch cuts the flow of current, and thus prevents incidences of blown fuses and resultant damage to appliances. Another benefit of modern switchboards is the ease of access because of the enclosure. You can just pop open the enclosure and conduct repairs to the switchboard, unlike older models that required a certain amount of drilling.

Damaged Wires

Loose connections and worn out wires in a switchboard can be a potential hazard for electrical fires. Such wires can cause electricity to spark, which generates excess heat in the panel. Such heat is responsible for causing fires that erupt in most homes. The risk of such fires is exacerbated by older panels made of wood, which can cause a fire to spread quickly. Therefore, upgrading a switchboard not only ensures the safety of your home but also guarantees adherence to Australian requirements for home electrical connections. Note that during an upgrade of a switchboard, your preferred electrician should also inspect the entire electrical wiring.

Electrical Overload

Decades ago, homes were not equipped with modern appliances such as computers, microwaves, coolers, televisions and home theatres. These electrical appliances drain a lot of electricity and can easily overload an old electrical system. Therefore, when such devices are used in old electrical systems, you are likely to experience incidences such as blown fuses, overheating and persistent power cut-offs. For these reasons, upgrading a switchboard to meet modern electricity demands is the best workaround for preventing electrical overload.

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