5 Reasons Your Home's Old Wiring Needs to Be Replaced

Posted on: 20 May 2020

When people think about updating their home, they usually picture things like en suite bathrooms and kitchen renovations, but very few take the time to consider their wiring. Unfortunately, no wiring is going to last forever. If it's been more than two decades since your home has been rewired, it almost certainly requires attention. It might not be as exciting as other renovations, but there are plenty of important reasons to replace old wiring.

Here are just five.

1. Old Wiring Causes Shutdowns

Just twenty years ago, people didn't use anywhere near the number of electrical appliances they do today. As such, older wiring just wasn't designed to handle the amount of electricity modern homes demand. That can lead to overloading, so you may notice fuses and circuits blowing regularly as the system simply finds itself unable to cope.

2. Old Wiring Increases the Risk of Fire

It's actually a good thing when overloading causes your electrical system to temporarily shut down. As old wiring struggles to cope with modern demands, it will heat up and increase the risk of fire. This problem is made worse by the fact that older wiring used a rubber protective coating that deteriorates over time and leaves wiring exposed. Modern wiring is generally coated in PVC, which drastically reduces the risk of deterioration.

3. Old Wiring Can Cost You Money  

Obviously a fire caused by old wiring is going to cost you money, but that's not the only risk. Home insurance will usually be more expensive when your wiring is on the older side, and overloads can sometimes damage your appliances. Bills are likely to be higher because older systems aren't as efficient. Additionally, a home without modern wiring is often hard to sell, so you might end up getting less than expected if you ever need to move.

4. Old Wiring May Be Incompatible with Modern Innovations

The past few years have seen a whole host of cool, modern technology released that can work with home electrical systems. For example, you can now use smart meters that monitor how your system is working and let you control appliances and more from your smartphone. Unfortunately, those innovations won't always be compatible with older wiring.

5. Old Wiring Lives on Borrowed Time

While other home renovations can be more attractive than rewiring, they're rarely as necessary. While you can probably do with or without a hot tub in the master bathroom or a kitchen island, old wiring is going to need replacing at some point. If you're overdue, you're only putting it off. It's best to get the job done now, when you can control when it happens and bring things to modern standards as soon as possible.

To learn more, contact an electrician.