Electrical Upgrades That Improve Your Home

Posted on: 28 October 2022

Many home improvements are visible and obvious to the naked eye. For example, new cabinets or appliances are immediately noticeable. However, other upgrades can go under the radar even when they improve your house aesthetically and functionally. Many electrical changes belong in this category. Read on to discover more.


Lighting improvements may not be as tangible as a new red rug, but they can have a similarly strong impact on a room. For example, does a bright central ceiling light make your kitchen appear stark and clinical? If so, you can transform the atmosphere by installing multiple recessed ceiling lights that will give it a natural and welcoming feel.

Updating the lighting can also make a kitchen more practical. You could fit under cabinet light strips to eliminate dark areas on the countertops. And an electrician can fit LED globes inside the cupboards. These globes generate light without emitting much heat. The electrician can extend the wiring to reach the new fittings. Also, don't forget about pendant lights that can create an instant wow factor over an island or dining table.

Lighting can also transform gardens into nighttime wonderlands that invite you to spend time outside. If your patio is dark, you may not be getting the best out of it on summer evenings. Specialised outdoor light fittings and wiring will be used that can withstand the conditions. For added security and safety, an electrician could also connect sensor lights that will be triggered if an intruder is on your property.


Additional storage in a home makes it more functional in an obvious way in that you will undeniably see a new closet or cupboard. An upgrade that will also add functionality more subtly is new electrical outlets around a home. Are you using power strips and extension cords that look messy and can cause people to trip over them? New wall sockets will eliminate the need for these makeshift solutions. Consider what appliances you use and the best spot for outlets. You might also want a charging station for phones and laptops.

At the same time as fitting the outlets, an electrician can assess the circuitry and capacity of the system. If you need to resort to power strips, you might be plugging in more appliances than the wiring was set up initially to handle. A clue that this is the case is if the system trips from being overloaded when multiple devices draw electricity simultaneously.